Lensbabys are a brand of creative effect lenses, optics and accessories for creating unique, magical photos. Embrace imperfection with light, blur and colour to capture the world an extraordinary way. Throw the rulebook out the window and bring your visions to life through dreamy, ethereal images that tell your story in a new original way.

Explore the different Lensbaby effects that I have below. Contact me for more information on these or to find out about any of the others that I don't yet own!


The Velvets are beautiful stand-alone lenses available in 28, 56 and 85mm. They create an ethereal glow across your image, whilst keeping sharp detail underneath with stunning velvety tones.

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Capture a sweet spot of focus surrounded by dreamy blur with the sweet optics, available in 35, 50 and 80mm. Use mounted in a Composer Pro II to move that circle of sharpness around the frame. The sol 45 is a stand-alone sweet effect lens.

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Use the edge optics, available in 35, 50 and 80mm to create a slice of focus in your image, in any direction. Mount in a Composer Pro II to tilt this slice, highlighting your subject and framing with magical blur.

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OMNI filters can add an additional creative element to your photos. Used either as handheld wands or attached with magnets to a screw-on ring with the OMNI system, there are a number of different sets available for adding extra light, colour and magic!

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Wondering what to buy?

I am a Lensbaby Ambassador and would love to chat with you about choosing Lensbaby products and shooting with them.

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Please enjoy 10% off your Lensbaby order using my code WCoop at checkout. If you're in the UK please contact me for a code you can use at Wex.